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We provide

inspirational care

and support to the people who need it most
in the community

About us

“Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services”

Careherts was first established in 2013 with an aim of providing inspirational care and support to the people who need it most in the community.

Currently, we provide person centred care for individuals living with dementia, individuals with learning disabilities, individuals with different types of abilities, adults under the age of 65 and senior citizens over the age of 65.

The area we covered includes Welwyn Garden City, Welwyn rural, Hatfield, Welham Green, Woolmer Green and Knebworth

As a company, we believe that everyone is unique and we tailor our care to suit your needs and capabilities. We ensure that your families are included in the planning of your care and we maintain a good working partnership with them and yourselves to ensure that the standard of your care is maintained to the highest level.

As a company we aim to recruit staff who are exceptionally friendly and caring. They are trained to a high standard and provide individual care, preserve your dignity and promote your independence in a person centred way. Our staff are the ambassadors of our company in the field and fulfil our motto – “A company with a caring heart.”

Why Choose Us

"Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services"

  • We are HCPA registered training provider and we have on-site training facilities. We organise training programmes, not only just for our staff but also for the family members of our service users and the general public, who want to improve their knowledge and understanding.
  • We always work closely with all other professionals such as GP’s, District Nurses, OT and Social workers to ensure that you are receiving all the help that you need.
  • We have an electronic log in system which ensures that we can monitor all calls so that we never miss any calls. We can also ensure that you are made aware if your carer is going to be delayed.
  • We provide our staff with an office phone which works alongside the electronic system. This ensures that your personal details are better protected and that we can maintain a greater level of confidentiality.
  • We delight in organising social events for our service users and their families. This gives you the opportunity to mix with our other clients and perhaps find a shared interest which can help with issues of loneliness and isolation.
  • We have inhouse mobility car which helps us to arrange short trips and visits for you.
  • We currently maintain a 90% continuity of care so that you will always see the same faces. If we need to change your regular carer we ensure that a senior carer introduces the new carer to you so that you can get to know them.