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Christmas lunch : up coming

We held a few lunches during 2017, however we did not hold as many as we would’ve liked, we hope to host many more in 2018. The lunches we planned have proved to be very popular with our service users as many of our service users have made new friends while attending them. If we had to pick out of all the lunches we held we would definitely say that everyone’s favourite wasthe Christmas lunch that we held on Friday 8th December. It was not only the lunch served that was enjoyable but the event itself was fantastic with the singing of Christmas carols, all of the shared Christmas greetings and the opening of Christmas presents.

The lunch programme dates for this year are as follows: Friday 30th March 2018, Thursday 12th July 2018, Friday 21st September 2018 and Friday 7th December 2018.

The venues for these lunches are still to be decided but we will contact you nearer the date with all of the relevant information. As always if you would like to attend any of these events please contact us to arrange a space and also to arrange transport if needed.

As you all may be aware we are always looking for ideas for new activities and we would welcome any suggestions that you may have on outings that you would like to participate in.