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  • We are the finalist and gold:

    It is our pleasure to inform you that we entered into the Hertfordshire Care awards competition in 2017 under the category of most innovative care team in home care. In the care awards we came in the top three in Hertfordshire. It is such a big achievement for a such a new company like ours to be in a competition with over 300 established organisations in the same sector. We have also been awarded with a HCPA gold Membership which we received in December 2017.

  • Christmas lunch : up coming

    We held a few lunches during 2017, however we did not hold as many as we would’ve liked, we hope to host many more in 2018. The lunches we planned have proved to be very popular with our service users as many of our service users have made new friends while attending them. If we had to pick out of all the lunches we held we would definitely say that everyone’s favourite wasthe Christmas lunch that we held on Friday 8th December. It was not only...

  • Snow and fun:

    Going back to the 10th of December last year, we are sure that you all remember the heavy snowfall. At Care Herts we are very proud to say that we managed to cover all our visits. We could not have managed this without the help and support of our dedicated team members and their family members, but also with the help of our valued service users and their family members. Unfortunately, a lot of our calls got delayed due to the driving difficulties that we encountered...

  • End of year -team meeting

    At the end of the year team meeting it is always special. At Care Herts we had our end of year meeting on Wednesday 20th December. This meeting was well attended by staff members. The meeting contained work related discussions mixed with end of year festive joy. All of our staff members were delighted to each receive a Christmas gift. At the end of the meeting we took a group photograph of our staff.