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  • Nlp Cst*, coaching and Councilling : up coming

    At Care Herts we are always experimenting with new ideas and we are always trying to come up with the best ways to support our service users.  In 2018 Care Herts will be starting a new project which will be called “connecting dots.” Connecting dots is a new concept that is going to be introduced to support service users, our staff and the people in the community to maintain a positive mental vision. This project will consist of a variety of cognitive stimulation treatment programmes to...

  • Movie night : up coming

    We have been talking about having a movie night since last year however, due to our busy schedule we couldn’t arrange anything to take place so far. However, it is now time to catch up with all of the things that we haven’t been able to do in 2017. Accordingly we are scheduled to have a Movie night on Wednesday 24th January and Thursday 8th February this year. We are having two sessions in order to facilitate everyone so that nobody misses out and they are...

  • Water sport – next time : up coming

    During 2017 we held bowling sessions for our team members. Three separate sessions were held so that your service was not disrupted in anyway. During these events some of our team members showed a streak of competitiveness that we did not know existed. On the whole, everyone seemed to have a brilliant time and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Some of the staff members also brought their children along with them so that they could also join in. In 2018 we will be planning to...

  • New summer uniform

    As you can see from the picture our care practitioners are modelling our summer uniform. The new uniform is of alighter material which is much cooler for our carers whilst workingduring the summer months, that is if our summer and the sun decides to come! We hope youlike the uniform and we hope you feel that that your carers still look smart and presentable in them. In 2017 our winter uniform also changed from grey and red to black and red which we at Care Herts...