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Snow and fun:

Going back to the 10th of December last year, we are sure that you all remember the heavy snowfall. At Care Herts we are very proud to say that we managed to cover all our visits. We could not have managed this without the help and support of our dedicated team members and their family members, but also with the help of our valued service users and their family members. Unfortunately, a lot of our calls got delayed due to the driving difficulties that we encountered as we needed to drive at 10 miles per hour or less. With all of the help we received we were able to make sure that everyone was fed, medicated and looked after as they would be on a normal day. The day was a very long cold day for all of us at Care Herts who worked and drove in the community. In the end we managed to have a bit of fun in between visits playing in the snow, just to ease off and relax.