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Training & Events

"We aim of providing inspirational care and support to the people who need it most in the community"

Training is a key part of our business. We are proud to say that within such a short period of time, our business here at Care Herts has managed to establish a seperate inhouse training unit which we have decided to name ‘Care Herts Training Arm.’ This training unit currently consists of one main trainer, additional support trainers and the champions who all work together to provide the best current upto date knowledge for their staff and the people within the community.

Within ‘Care Herts Training Arm’ our trainers are closely working alongside the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) aswell as other professional workforce development and partnership teams within Hertfordshire county council. These training events take place yearly to keep all carers knowledge up to date and refreshed.

What makes our training events special is that they are not only offered to our staff  but they are also offered to our service users families so that if they want to gain knowledge in a certain subject to get a better understanding,they are more than welcome to attend these events. This can help to give the families of our service users a better indepth understanding of the problems that their loved ones may face daily. Another plus for our internal staff and the service users families is that the service is provided completely free of charge.

All of our ongoing yearly training programs will be advertised in our quarterly news letter with all information provided. These training events will also be advertised on our brand new website and also on our social media account(s) in order to facilitate early bookings.

Our training calendar for the year ahead will soon be completed and will soon be displayed on our website will all dates that we have arranged.

We are now proud to finally say that we at Care Herts are now HCPA approved training providers, the quality of our training programs are often evaluated by HCPA by the quality assurance team to ensure that all training we provide is accurate and up to date.

The training programs we have available are;

  • Care Certificate training

We deliver knowledge on 15 care certificate standards through information booklets which then initially helps us to complete the care certificate work book. Once completed, assessments are then carried out, these assessments will include field observations to ensure that all of our staff are competent when putting the training into practice.

  • Moving and Handling Training
  • Safe Administration Of Medication
  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk
  • MCA
  • First Aid At Work
  • Fire Safety
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Food Hygiene Health And Nutrition
  • End Of Life Care Training
  • Positive Risk Taking

Special Programs and Sessions

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy
  • Neuro – Linguistic Practice sessions
  • Neuro – Linguistic Coaching Sessions
  • Work based Coaching Programmes
  • Time based techniques practice sessions